Plastic Free July: reusable revolution

Plastic Free July

In the era of environmental education, consumers demand plastic-free products and sustainable production. The progression to future-friendly alternatives resonates beyond consumer sentiment as Australian states implement processes to phase out problematic single-use plastics in the next five years.

Varying on the state, the bans will include straws, cutlery, food and drink containers and plastic-stemmed cotton buds. Opt for reusables from RetroKitchen, Ever Eco, Go Bamboo and Little Mashies. Plus, our picks below.

'Trend' is an understatement for the seismic shift from disposable to reusable; 88% of Australians have reduced their environmental impact, and 77% consider sustainability in purchase decisions. Further, the eco expectation for businesses is unanimous for 73% of 2000 Australians surveyed.

Plastic Free July is a global movement facilitating solutions to plastic pollution, with 140+ million participants in 2022; 87% of the population supports government action to reduce plastic waste. A call out to count on, our brands make it easy to meet the growing green demand.

Ethique 'Heali Kiwi' Shampoo Bar Ethique 'Heali Kiwi' Shampoo Bar
Ethique 'Heali Kiwi' Shampoo Bar

Sustainable sentiment

Research shows 63% of consumers are aware of the plastic waste problem and are keen on implementing positive action, including purchasing quality products and responsible disposal.

Ethique sets the bar for future-friendly products with a comprehensive range of personal, home, pet and kids care. Solid shampoo and conditioner bars are among the brand’s top sellers; unsurprisingly as bar shampoo and conditioner are in double-digit growth in major grocery.* 

With 50% of Australians buying waste-conscious products where possible, sustainability remains a steadfast sales trend.

Porter Green DRISS in 'Carlow' and FEGG silicone tumbler set in 'Biba'Porter Green DRISS in 'Carlow' and FEGG silicone tumbler set in 'Biba'
Porter Green DRISS in 'Carlow' and FEGG silicone tumbler set in 'Biba'

Reusable revolution 

Research shows 77% of consumers consider sustainability when selecting which products to buy, up nearly 10% since 2021. Stock your eco-living shelves with premium, stylish and functional single-use-plastic alternatives.

Perfect for everyday use, gifting and entertaining, Porter Green offers biodegradable bamboo cups, FDA-approved silicone multipurpose tumblers and coasters and double-wall insulated stainless-steel drink bottles in contemporary colourways.

Gnaw Oat Mi!lk ChocolateGnaw Oat Mi!lk Chocolate
Gnaw Oat Mi!lk Chocolate

Trend longevity 

In an increasingly fad-saturated environment, standing out is the ticket in.

Gnaw Chocolate's high-quality, healthier handcrafted bars appeal to consumers seeking simple ingredients, great taste and genuine values; plant-based oat milk bars meet the increasing demand for allergen-accessible alternatives. 

The brand meets conscious criteria with ethical sourcing, no palm oil and sustainable evolution: home-compostable, FSC-accredited, plastic-free packaging; company headquarters also employ waste management policies and 100% renewable energy to reduce carbon footprint. 

Globally recognised, Gnaw's strong personality stands out from competing confectionaries; its aesthetic shelf appeal is perfect for premium eco-gifting, impulse sales and sweet snacks segments.

60% of consumers share that insufficient product labelling hinders conscious selection. Gnaw Chocolate has explicit front-of-pack dietary and environmental attributes for shopper ease.

Prioritise plastic-free

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*Grocery scan data MAT YOY $ 13/6/2023

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