Back to basics

Back to basics

B2B in natural health

Natural health is an industry ripe with innovation. Brands are continually finding new and better ways of providing nourishing products, free from the ingredients that have become the norm in the food industry. Natural health is going back to basics. And consumers are lapping it up.

We explore the back-to-basic trend and the brands that are leading the way.

Plantasy Foods Mac n' Cheez; Real Naturals Shiitake Mushroom ChipsPlantasy Foods Mac n' Cheez; Real Naturals Shiitake Mushroom Chips
Plantasy Foods Mac n' Cheez; Real Naturals Shiitake Mushroom Chips

Wellness reins

Cost of living pressures are rising, and households are feeling the pinch. But, according to research, 46% of consumers still prioritise their physical and mental wellness when it comes to the products they put in their shopping trolleys. 

Price matters, but shoppers search for bang-for-buck through functional ingredients and nutritional value. It’s back to basics with minimal processing, healthy convenience and free-from alternatives.

With ‘snackification’ changing how consumers eat, Real Naturals offers tasty better-for-you chips made with trending shiitake mushrooms. Functional, delicious and affordable, the chips are gluten-free and vegan. 

Plantasy Foods is another well-established brand with real food convenience and pantry staples. The top-selling range is a consumer favourite featuring clean ingredients and leveraging the pull of nostalgia.

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar

The joy of cooking from scratch

Consumers choose to eat at home, partly to offset increased living costs but also because they’ve discovered the joy of a home-cooked meal. A creative outlet that comes with a sense of accomplishment, there is an opportunity to experiment with flavour and cook for wellness.

A 38% increase in eating meals at home and a convenience boom has resulted in a demand for quality, nutrient-dense ingredients and flavoursome ready or part-ready meals.

The go-to brand for apple cider vinegar, Bragg is also known for other pantry staples that meet wellness goals for home chefs. The range leans on a century of time-tested wellness, from salad dressings to olive oil and flavorful seasonings.

Low Carb Life Chocolate Brownie Mix; Buddha Teas ChaiLow Carb Life Chocolate Brownie Mix; Buddha Teas Chai
Low Carb Life Chocolate Brownie Mix; Buddha Teas Chai

Looking behind the claims

Consumers have woken up to brands making wishy-washy claims on their packaging and are now far more astute at interpreting labels. Failing to follow through on claims or compromising on transparency causes scepticism and mistrust. 

Label transparency is important to nine in ten consumers. It’s back to basics for labels, with savvy brands favouring simplicity and verifiable claims. More than that, brands must walk the talk and demonstrate that they live the claims on their packaging.

Buddha Teas is one such brand. They use compostable and recyclable packaging as a plastic-free brand to support the natural approach to sourcing wildcrafted teas. The tea bags are compostable and bleach free for a consistent brand experience from packaging to consumption.

A brand that doesn’t shy away from backing up claims is Low Carb Life. On each keto baking mix, they list the number of carbs per serve so consumers following this diet can make a fast, informed decision. 

CLIF Bar & Company CLIF Bar & Company
CLIF Bar & Company

Better-for-us is the new better-for-you

An interest in sustainability, ethical sourcing and social responsibility has seen ‘better-for-us’ become the new ‘better-for-you’. Research shows that products that make substantiated claims related to environmental and social responsibility grew faster than those that do not.

Wellness matters but not at the cost of things that consumers hold dear. Brands demonstrating a commitment to people and the planet will come out on top.

The healthful properties of ginger led to the formation of The Ginger People more than 30 years ago. Even then, the founders recognised the importance of giving back to the planet and established partnerships with small-scale farmers using sustainable farming practices. 

CLIF is the top private funder of organic research in the USA. The brand ethos considers ingredient sourcing and its impact on those sourcing them. They also follow climate-neutral business practices and show leadership in producing ‘better-for-us’ products.

All the basics and so much more

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