Naturally Good 2024

The Success of Naturally Good 2024

It’s the largest event for natural products in the southern hemisphere. And for anyone working in our industry, it’s the place to be to connect with brands, retailers and influencers. The networking and connections that happen under that one roof are what continue to shape the future of our industry.

Naturally Good is a highlight on our event calendar. It’s an opportunity for us to connect with our retailers, start new relationships and celebrate all the natural health industry offers. For retailers, visiting us at Naturally Good provides a priceless opportunity to gain unparalleled insight into the trends and forces driving growth in natural products.

Trends at Naturally Good 2024

At Unique, we keep our finger on the pulse of the latest trends and products locally and globally. It’s exciting for us to be part of the conversation at Naturally Good to affirm our insights and share them with our retailers and suppliers.


In major grocery, protein powder sales are up 44%, and protein and energy bars are up 18.7%.1,2 This was affirmed at Naturally Good with a huge demand for protein products.

At the Unique stand, we were joined by leading protein brands, including Macro Mike, Happy Way, CLIF, Switch Nutrition and Protein Supplies Australia. At the expo, we also launched the Nutry Nuts Protein Nut Butter Cups, a new arrival in Australia and exclusive to Unique.

From protein balls to energy bars, protein water, and protein powders, each brand offers a clean protein alternative for health-conscious consumers seeking a protein boost.


Daily per capita consumption of electrolyte drinks in Australia has increased by 18.5% – the second-largest growth in the beverage category. Consumers are seeking healthier, natural alternatives to quench their thirst.

Switch Nutrition and Happy Way offer premium electrolyte solutions designed for hydrating and replenishing. At the Unique stand, we saw a great deal of hype around both of these products with retailers keen to get their hands on quality, natural alternatives for their customers.


Compared to three years ago, Australians are buying more better-for-you products. Not limited to food, they’re seeking better-for-you alternatives across a range of categories, including cleaning products, beauty and personal care.

Once again, Unique brands were capturing retailer interest, including scientific green beauty brand Antipodes, chuu Nutrition ACV gummies, iconic Australian Buderim Ginger and better-for-you spices and sauces from Mingle.

The better-for-you trend has been building for a number of years and will only continue to do so alongside the rise of more health-conscious consumer attitudes. 

Faith in Nature, Good Change Store, Happy Way, Buderim GingerFaith in Nature, Good Change Store, Happy Way, Buderim Ginger
Faith in Nature, Good Change Store, Happy Way, Buderim Ginger

Naturally Good Awards

Congratulations to our Unique brands recognised in the 2024 Naturally Good Awards.

Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature was recognised as the winner of the Best Socially Conscious brand award. For five decades, the B Corp brand has crafted effective, accessible and sustainable personal care products that celebrate the scents and benefits of nature. Exclusive to Unique, the UK-based brand is well recognised for their uncomplicated formulations and commitment to taking a sustainable approach in everything they do.

Good Change Store

The winner of the Best Home & Living Product was the Good Change Store Reusable Bamboo Towels. Multi-purpose for cleaning and wiping, the towels are made from 100% bamboo and are biodegradable and compostable. Each tear-off sheet is washable up to 85 times and appeals to conscious consumers seeking to replace single-use products in their homes.

Happy Way

In the category of Best Functional Food or Beverage Product, Happy Way was awarded Highly Commended for their Watermelon Electrolyte Powder. A refreshing and invigorating powder infused with essential electrolytes and minerals, it is an all-natural rapid hydration superhero. Coloured with beetroot juice powder and sweetened with steviol glycosides and thaumatin, the powder easily mixes with water for a delicious dose of instant hydration.

Buderim Ginger

The Buderim Ginger BioActive Ginger+ range was also awarded Highly Commended in the Best Complementary Medicine Brand category. The products in this range harness the power of ginger to help soothe nausea and support gut health and immunity. Formulated by an Australian icon in ginger, the functional products are a natural alternative for wellness.


Continue the conversation

The energy at Naturally Good 2024 reinforced what we already know about the industry. There is a tremendous potential for growth, with consumer demand for natural alternatives increasing.

With Naturally Good 2024 complete, we’re already looking to 2025, where you’ll have the opportunity to discover the trends, brands and products that will fuel your growth. Don’t let it pass you by.

To continue the conversation, visit our brand partner enquiry to submit your brand, register for a wholesale account or order online anytime.


Sources: 1. Grocery scan data MAT $ YOY to 02/04/2024; 2. Grocery scan data MAT $ YOY to 23/01/2024

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Naturally Good 2024

Naturally Good 2024

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