Brand partner wholesale guide

Brand partner wholesale guide

We are the largest Australian importer of U.S. natural products 

Expo West 2023, Anaheim CAExpo West 2023, Anaheim CA
Expo West 2023, Anaheim CA

Expo West

We're thrilled to have attended Expo West 2023, witnessing innovation, vibrancy, constant seismic growth, and demand for natural products.

25+ years ago, Unique originated from a passion for natural health and a mission to forge the future prioritising people and the planet. Natural is today's new standard as consumers choose clean ingredients, ethical roots, and optimal health. From humble roots, Unique is the largest Australian importer of U.S. natural products.

Unique founder Dale Parkes with Patricia BraggUnique founder Dale Parkes with Patricia Bragg
Unique founder Dale Parkes with Patricia Bragg

Market leaders for 25+ years 

We connect retailers across Australia to national and international brands and track evolving trends and real-time data to optimise opportunities.

Natural products constantly evolve, and so do we.

Partnering with Unique takes your brand to new heights. It gives access to a national network of industry experience: marketing and events, key account management, on-road representatives, customer service and sales support, warehousing logistics and freight management.

Our business is to build yours

We understand the trends, challenges, and competitive market to promote your brand and secure optimal shelf space across all Australian retail channels. The innovative brands we work with identify market opportunities and create quality products to fill the gap.

We put the fast-moving in FMCG and adapt our business relationships as the industry shifts.

Our alignment criteria and purposeful brand selection ensure compatibility for mutual success; from initial import to range expansion, we diligently check regulatory compliance for retail in Australia.

We make global expansion easy

Our broker + distribution + marketing model delivers comprehensive support for getting your products from there to here. Grow your brand's awareness and reach across all Australian retail channels: major and independent grocery, health, pharmacy, e-commerce, convenience and practitioners. Our purchasing team maintain 97% stock levels across 4,500+ SKUs, and our warehousing and logistics are second to none. 

We specialise in trade marketing and events We specialise in trade marketing and events
We specialise in trade marketing and events

Brand partner support

Our in-house marketing team build strategic partnerships with brand endorsements and targeted B2B campaigns and events. We develop your recognition and exposure at significant channel-specific events.

Simply put, we're here for you every step of the way.

Unique is the proud exclusive Australian distributor and representative of CLIFUnique is the proud exclusive Australian distributor and representative of CLIF
Unique is the proud exclusive Australian distributor and representative of CLIF

Are you wholesale-ready?

We holistically assess each product by considering warehouse space, weight, pricing and more. Here are the fundamentals to prepare your brand for the Australian market.

Know your ingredients to substantiate claims.

Unique's Supplier Partnership Manager Anita Smith says, "An excellent example of this is a product marketed as vegetarian or vegan that contains collagen must clearly state the collagen source, often on the back of the pack, as collagen is commonly an animal derivative. It's essential to know the chain of ingredients to stand by your product being what it says it is."

Prioritise packaging.

How is your product packed? How many units are in an inner? How many inners are in a master? Ensure each level of packaging has a different barcode, including the saleable unit, inner (displayable or non-displayable) and the master case. Assess your shelf presence. Is the carton displayable? Does it have a hang-sell?

  • Sizing: will it fit easily on the shelf?

  • Units per inner: less lowers the price point and new line risk.

  • Perforation lines: will it tear away and obscure the inside unit?

  • Real estate: the key message should occupy the lowest part of the front; the side and rear are not as visible when placed on a shelf.

  • Sturdiness: too flimsy products risk damage, and too thick may not tear cleanly on the perforation.

Understand your market positioning.

Consumers are increasingly sustainably minded and look for conscious claims, including plant-based, gluten-free, plastic-free, compostable, and less waste. Optimise your selection with relevant packaging callouts.

"If we are reviewing a product that is similar to one we already distribute, we consider whether they speak to different audiences," says Anita. "One may be a high-end version that appeals to a luxe consumer, while the other may have more appeal with the parent market looking for functional, quality and affordable products."

Understand your expectations and whether they suit your position in the market; develop a marketing plan to suit. 

"We're not box movers; we're brand partners. We don't just get a box in, sell and ship it out. Retailers look to us for the latest trending and top-selling natural products."


Read more. Visit for more information and brand partner submissions. Or, register for a wholesale account here.

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