World Day of Cultural Diversity

 Celebrating the Cultural Diversity of the Unique Team

Six Uniquers share their stories of finding home on the other side of the world

With World Day of Cultural Diversity on 21 May, we’re taking the time to celebrate the rich representation of diverse cultures across the Unique team. 

Our Uniquers hail from every corner of the globe, each contributing their unique perspectives and experiences to our business and culture. Six of our Uniquers share their stories of finding home in Australia, giving insight into their diverse cultures.

Joaquin - ArgentinaJoaquin - Argentina
Joaquin - Argentina

Joaquin Ballester – Argentina

When Joaquin Ballester completed his university degree, he wanted to travel the world. After spending a snowboarding season in the mountains in the USA, he returned to Argentina to save before settling on Australia as his next destination. That was five years ago and Joaquin has called Australia home ever since, first in Victoria before moving North for better weather and a more laid-back lifestyle.

Joaquin misses his friends, family and the vibrancy of Argentinian culture and people. But he loves the life he has made here in Australia.

“It’s green everywhere you look,” he says. “You can drive one or two hours out of the city and you’re in the middle of nature.”

Lien – IndonesiaLien – Indonesia
Lien – Indonesia

Lien Rogers – Indonesia

Lien Rogers and her Australian husband decided to make the move to Australia from Jakarta, Indonesia when they started their family 21 years ago. While it was hard to say goodbye to her family and friends, Lien wanted to give her children the fresh air and safe environment of Australia.

She misses the tropical fruits of Indonesia and her sister’s cooking, particularly her sayur asem, a traditional dish of vegetables in tamarind soup. But now having spent more than half her life in Australia, this is where she thinks of as home.

“In Jakarta, it’s very hard to even see a bird,” she says. “But here in Australia, you can hear the birds chirping all the time. I love the fresh air and the wildlife.”

Robin – NorwayRobin – Norway
Robin – Norway

Robin Holm – Norway

Australia was always on Robin Holm’s travel bucket list. He came here as a backpacker six years ago, and met an Australian girl 30 days into his trip. For two years they travelled the country together before spending the next two years in Norway. When the couple returned to Australia two years ago, they settled on the Sunshine Coast.

While he misses the pronounced seasons of Norway, Robin says that the Australian climate is one of the things he loves most about living here.

“In Norway, it’s negative 15 degrees for five months of the year,” he explains. “But here I can swim and feel the sun on my skin all year round. I fell in love with the Australian lifestyle, the climate and the open mindedness of the people.”

Eamonn – South AfricaEamonn – South Africa
Eamonn – South Africa

Eamonn Mahon – South Africa

In 2014, Eamonn Mahon and his family made the decision to move from South Africa to Australia, seeking better opportunities. They initially settled in Shepparton, Victoria before relocating to the Sunshine Coast three years later for better weather and to be close to other family members.

In South Africa, Eamonn lived in Kwa-Zulu-Natal and he misses the phenomenal countryside and wildlife of the area. He also misses the traditional Zulu cooking, including dishes like samp and beans that he recalls eating as a child.

“As much as we miss family and friends, we’re so grateful to have made the move,” he says. “Our kids would have been very limited in South Africa, but we’ve opened up so many opportunities by coming to Australia.”

Yunjin – KoreaYunjin – Korea
Yunjin – Korea

Yunjin Lim – Korea

After visiting Australia on a holiday, Yunjin Lim decided to pack up her life in Korea and come to Australia on a working holiday visa. It was hard to say goodbye to family, friends and the smells of home. Not to mention her favourite Korean foods – Kalgooksu noodles and Tteokbokki, a simmered rice cake mixed with chilli sauces. But Yunjim is glad she made the move.

What she enjoys most about her life in Australia is the weather, nature, chilled lifestyle and a society that respects diversity.

“Korea is actually smaller than Victoria but with a population about twice that of all of Australia,” she explains. “Wherever I went, I was surrounded by so many people that I couldn’t really enjoy my downtime. Australia is such a big country with such great weather so I can enjoy my lifestyle.”

Carol – BrazilCarol – Brazil
Carol – Brazil

Carol Stewart – Brazil

Carol Stewart moved to Australia from Brazil in 2002. She has raised her children here and built a lifestyle around enjoying outdoor activities, sports and hanging out at the beach. As much as she loves her life in Australia, even 20+ years later, she still misses the people and vibrant culture of Brazil. And, of course, her mum’s cooking.

In 2023, Carol took her children back to Brazil for an extended holiday. While they had been many times over the years, it was the first time her children were visiting Brazil as adults. She looks back on this time fondly for the opportunity to enjoy her home country with them and spend time connecting with her family.

“I had a wonderful childhood in Brazil,” she recalls. “But I feel blessed to have raised my children here. My daughter actually now has a tattoo of my maiden name and a tattoo of the tree that symbolises my hometown in Brazil. That means so much to me.”

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