Self-care sells

Self-care sells

The trends at the heart of the self-care meets wellness boom

Australians are turning to self-care like never before. The challenge – and the opportunity – lies in the fact that self-care means something different to everyone, advocates Unique Health Products Account Manager, Lauren Tierney.

“Self-care is branching out to wellness,” she explains. “They go hand-in-hand. Even health is now translating to wellness, which then feeds into self-care, making it a huge opportunity for retailers.”

The research supports this, with the Global Wellness Institute reporting that the Australian wellness economy is now valued at AUD 167.87 billion each year. Consumers are now more aware of the importance of mental wellbeing and seeking treatments and products that support them to de-stress, unwind and recover from burnout.

“Consumers are hungry for information,” adds Lauren. “And they’re often looking to the stores they purchase from for answers. The key is to curate products to help customers find what they need when they need it. This means listening to customers to understand what they want.”

“This is also driven by social media channels like TikTok. We’ve really seen huge pushes for products like cayenne pepper and castor oil off the back of viral TikTok trends.”

Discover three of the key trends driving the self-care revolution, including the key brands that appeal to conscious consumers seeking out wellness solutions.

Sleep matters 

Up to 45% of Australian adults don’t get adequate sleep and as many as 79% report challenges with falling asleep at least some of the time. To remedy this, they’re turning to solutions such as natural supplements and aromatherapy.

“There’s a huge trend around sleep remedies,” explains Lauren. “We’re seeing even more of a push on customers coming in store and looking for products that can help them sleep.”

Magnesium is one product that consumers are seeking out to improve their sleep quality. The Amazing Oils Magnesium Daily Spray offers a simple and effective way to increase magnesium in the body with a topical spray. Designed for daily use, it contains 100% pure, organically sourced Magnesium Oil, from the Salt Lakes of Australia

The Epzen Relax Magnesium Epsom Salts offer an alternative that’s designed to assist with stress. Infused with rose geranium, ylang ylang and frankincense essential oils, the salts can be added to the bath for a relaxing soak.

Epzen, Amazing Oils, Epzen, Amazing Oils,
Epzen, Amazing Oils

Skin deep

Researchers predict that wellness and beauty will become even more enmeshed in the coming years, opening more doors to new customers.

“Women of all ages often relate self-care with beauty treatments and products,” says Lauren. “This is a broad market where self-care is about looking and feeling good.”

Made from 100% pure activated Italian green clay, the Eden Healthfoods Green Clay is suitable for body and face masks, as well as foot baths to help restore minerals, equilibrium and promote wellbeing. The fine powder formula is of premium quality, offering a range of nourishing benefits.

Dr Organic Pure Oil Organic Vitamin E is a soothing, conditioning and nourishing skin oil. Suitable for normal to dry skin, it helps to restore and hydrate the skin, minimising the appearance of stretch marks and scars. With a citrus fragrance, the oil is enriched with tocopherol.

Dr Organic, Eden HealthfoodsDr Organic, Eden Healthfoods
Dr Organic, Eden Healthfoods

Hormone health

Women’s health is a fast-growing market with women of all ages looking for supplements and solutions that support their hormone health.

“There’s a big spike in the demographic of women, particularly in the 30+ age group, looking to take care of themselves in all different aspects,” explains Lauren. “Retailers are seeing hormone-related products flying off the shelves.”

Estro Switch is one of Switch Nutrition’s hero products. Australian made with no added sugar, gluten, soy or lactose, it’s vegan friendly and all natural with no artificial colours or flavours. It contains ingredients traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support healthy reproductive hormones and relieve symptoms of menopause.

Nature’s Help offers a trio of products designed to support the symptoms of menopause. Meno Calm may help with stress and anxiety, Meno Cool with hot flushes and night sweats, and Meno Femin with libido and body health.

Switch Nutrition, Nature's HelpSwitch Nutrition, Nature's Help
Switch Nutrition, Nature's Help

Boost your self-care sales

Tap into self-care and wellness with Unique. Order online or via our sales team at 1800 787 904. Alternatively, register for a wholesale account here.

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