Natural health trends in 2023

2023 natural health trends

Four natural health trends for 2023

As ‘new year, new me’ echoes through consumer conversations, it’s an opportune time to consider the natural health trends influencing purchasing decisions into 2023.

Continuing with many of the trends of the past few years, 2023 is a time of optimism for natural health. More consumers are making healthier choices across various categories, from pantry to snacks, beauty and home.

Below we explore the top four natural health trends for 2023.

Evolution BotanicalsEvolution Botanicals
Evolution Botanicals

Opting into health 

Research reveals that 91% of consumers are ‘opting in’ to health, making a conscious effort to choose better-for-you products, from online search behaviour to the demand for products that meet health goals.

On the back of the mainstream adoption of natural health, health-conscious consumers are on the rise, prioritising holistic health with products that support physical, cognitive and emotional well-being.

Consumers seek quality supplements from brands like IMUNI, PPC Herbs and Evolution Botanicals and healthier snack brands such as Health Guru, Banana Joe, and Real Naturals.

Loving EarthLoving Earth
Loving Earth

The rise of the 'regenivore'

A new term, ‘reginivore’, has been coined to describe the purpose-driven consumers choosing products that positively impact their health, the environment and society. An awareness of environmental issues drives regenivores. They understand how their choices affect the planet and seek natural and organic options and products that are free from harmful chemicals and additives. 

This conscious consumer trend towards more mindful consumption presents opportunities to attract new customers and retain existing customers making more conscious shifts. 

Regenerative brands – such as Ethique in the personal care category or Loving Earth chocolate and pantry staples – connect with consumers on a value basis. Beyond this values-based connection, consumers love the quality of the products.



Convenience continues its reign as king, with consumers keen to adopt accessible products that support a healthy lifestyle. Convenience extends to how consumers shop, cook, entertain and eat.

From baking and cake mixes to protein snacks, curry pastes and seasonings, effortless ease is the name of the game for the products consumers are adding to their pantries.

PBCo. and The Monday Food Co. offers convenient baking mixes that cater to different dietary considerations, such as keto-friendly and gluten-free. Low Carb Life provides a range of keto-friendly baking mixes and easy-to-prepare One Pot Pasta meals. At the same time, brands including CLIF, Macro Mike, Blue Dinosaur and Botanika Blends dominate consumer snack choices.


Product disruption

In recent years, 75% of consumers have opted to try new brands, with 39% not returning to previously preferred brands. The rise of e-commerce, the proliferation of online marketplaces, and the ease consumers can compare products have impacted this trend. 

Retailers must consider this new market level, brand and product disruption as they move into the future. Brand loyalty has been replaced with brand openness as consumers feel new products. This shift relates to existing natural health trends, paving the way for consumers to prioritise values, health and convenience. 

This is an opportunity to reintroduce customers to trusted brands, such as Bragg, Bon Ami and J.Luehders and other top-selling brands, such as Mindful Foods, Gem and Natural Evolution.

Boost sales in 2023

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