Plant-based Savoury Snacks

Plant-based alternatives top better-for-you snack choices

In the midst of the better-for-you snack revolution, there’s another trend taking rise – the increasing dominance of plant-based snacks. More than half (54%) of all consumers report trying to eat more plant-based snack alternatives. A vast majority of Millennials and Gen Z are also willing to try plant-based alternatives of their favourite snacks.

This trend is in line with an overall shift towards consumers eating less meat and dairy products. Interestingly, 66% of consumers agree that eating plant-based snacks is better for the planet, demonstrating the conscious considerations driving purchasing decisions.

Within the plant-based snack segment, there are core categories driving growth. Discover the trends and products leading the move to plant-based snacking.

Nuts and seeds

When consumers are seeking healthier snack alternatives, nuts and seeds are called out as a key category. In fact, nuts and seeds top the list of favourite better-for-you savoury snacks.

Mindful Foods Organic & Activated Korean BBQ Munchies are a crunchy and flavoursome blend of kombucha-activated almonds, cashews and lentils. The gluten-free blend is coated in a homemade gochugaru Korean BBQ sauce, meeting demand for this trending flavour.

Pimp My Snack Snacking BBQ Seeds are slowly baked in a homemade BBQ sauce for a savoury-yet-slightly-sweet snack. The simple and nutritious mix is gluten free and each bag contains an impressive 16g of protein.

Yava Wild-Harvested Cashews Sea Salt is an indulgent option, made with creamy, wild-harvested, roasted cashews rolled in artisanal sea salt. They contain only natural ingredients with no artificial flavours or preservatives.

Pimp My SnackPimp My Snack
Pimp My Snack

Vegetable snacks

Fruit and vegetable snacks are a top snack choice for 60% of consumers. In recent years, we’ve seen innovation in this segment with new, nutrient-dense packaged vegetable snacks. These alternatives feature nutritious ingredients, in convenient and familiar packaged formats.

Health Guru Salt & Vinegar Cauliflower Puffs are made with 100% natural ingredients, including 50% real cauliflower with a classic twist on a favourite flavour. They are baked, not fried, and contain no trans fat, refined sugar or GMO ingredients.

DJ&A Nature's Protein Roasted Edamame contain more than 20g of wholefood protein per bag. Crispy and delicious, the snack contains no added MSG or GMO ingredients and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Roasted EdamameRoasted Edamame
Roasted Edamame

Cracker and chip alternatives

Traditionally, savoury snacks like chips and crackers are in high demand. The shift towards better-for-you plant-based alternatives has also driven change in this category with demand growing for chips and crackers with a plant-based twist.

Vege Chips Vege Rice Crackers Sour Cream & Chives are free from gluten, dairy, nuts and eggs. The light and crispy crackers are cooked in sunflower oil and contain no preservatives or artificial colours.

Real Naturals Shiitake Mushroom Chips Sea Salt are made with 30% real shiitake mushroom and have a moreish umami flavour. With less than 100 calories per serve, they’re a lower-calorie alternative to traditional potato chips. 


Take a bite of the plant-based snack opportunity

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