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Info for Suppliers

Unique Health Products is the perfect partner for suppliers wishing to expand their presence in the
Australian market. We distribute fast-selling health and beauty products to health food stores, pharmacies, independent supermarkets, fitness centres, small traders and online retailers across the country. Consistently recognised as Australia's most trusted distributor, we specialise in natural, organic, fair trade and eco-friendly lines. If you’re looking to target the Australian retail health channel, build brand awareness and increase sales, contact us today!

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What sets us apart

  • Largest network of health industry retailers

    We sell to more health industry retailers than any other distributor in Australia.  Our customer base includes over 3,000 outlets, including health food stores, pharmacies, independent supermarkets, fitness centres, small traders and online retailers.  With new stores coming on board every day,  Unique is your perfect partner for expanding your presence in the Australian retail health channel.  

  • National sales force

    Friendly, attentive, helpful and professional… that’s how our customers describe our sales force.  The team is made up of a sales and customer service division based at our Sunshine Coast head quarters and a group of travelling sales representatives that venture to all corners of the country. 

    Our fantastic on-site team is responsible for processing all telephone, fax and online orders as well as responding to customer enquiries. Our wonderful reps are out on-the road every day, making regular in-store visits and informing our customers of the latest products and special offers. 

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  • Best catalogue in the industry

    There is simply no better way to reach retailers than via our quarterly catalogue.  Voted the best in the industry, our full-colour publication includes a photograph of every single product, informative editorials and eye-catching advertisements. 

    Distributed to over 3,000 retailers Australia wide, the catalogue provides the perfect platform for showcasing your product.  This is your opportunity to educate retailers about the benefits of your product and to build brand recognition.

    A 6cm x 4cm photograph of your product will be featured in the catalogue, along with a short description, ingredient information and pricing details.

    For greater impact, you may also wish to consider taking a full or half-page advertisement in the catalogue.  Affordably priced, these advertisements ensure your brand catches the attention of retailers and helps reinforce your sales message. 

    Another way to boost sales is to offer a deal or discount to our customers.  Deals featured in the catalogue must run for the full three-month period.  Generally speaking, there are three broad categories of deals: an easy discount (e.g. 10% off); a gift with purchase (e.g. buy one product and receive a gift free); or a plus (+) deal (e.g. BUY 6 + GET 1 FREE).

    To see sample pages in our catalogue, click here.

  • Marketing support

    Our marketing team is on hand to support your promotional campaigns in any way you need.  Whether you require assistance with packaging, point of sale materials, deal promotion or media coverage, we’re here to help.

    Our marketing professionals are happy to provide constructive feedback on packaging design and offer advice on the best types of point of sale materials.  We know what the retail market likes and can guide you on how to make your product stand out from the crowd.

    Once in stores, we can help grow your sales with regular direct marketing campaigns. On a weekly basis, we connect with our retailers via fax, email and social media to inform them about new products, media coverage and current deals and discounts.

    Our marketing team can also help raise awareness of your brand among Australian health and beauty media outlets.  We have developed strong connections with journalists in a range of print and online publications.   

  • What a warehouse!

    Warehouse-(1).jpgUnique's warehouse is a sight to behold! 
    Spread over four industrial units and more
    than 1,200 square metres of space, the warehouse
    is home to over 2,000 product lines and more than
    250,000 individual stock items.

    Our operation runs along like a well-oiled machine
    thanks in large part to our fantastic staff and also
    to our electronic warehouse management system. 
    This system uses scanning technology to help us track inventory and streamline order fulfilment. 

    Every member of our picking staff is armed with a mobile computer and scanning device that communicates order information and warehouse stock locations. Before adding an item to a customer’s shopping cart, our pickers scan the product’s barcode to ensure accuracy and reduce processing times.    

    Once picked, orders are carefully packed by our diligent dispatch team.  Items are wrapped in biodegradable air cushions that protect products from damage and ensure all items arrive in perfect condition.